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PMP Certification Training, Project Management, Primavera P6 Training Materials, Earned Value Management

The is is not just a blog, its is a library of knowledge where experts are sharing insights ,ideas, tips, and tricks on project management and product management. Readers from various industries can find almost everthing related with project management. Articles and resources provide useful information and tips for the most common business problems. Here you can find daily project management problems and strategies to solve them.

It is a collection of articles that provide you understanding on various topics. You can read about topics such as earned value management, risk management, fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram, gantt chart, PERT techniqe, scatter diagram, Primavera P6, PRICE2, CAPM and more.

More and complex projects and the challenging world of project management force project managers to become more efficient and productive. Getting a PMP Certification or a PRINCE2 certification became essential for those who want to build a career in the field of project management.

PMP Certification training blog includes articles and training materials that help you to pass the PMP exam. With no doubt, The is one of the best project management blog that helps you to become a certified project manager.

One of the most useful part of is the Primavera P6 blog where you can find various articles and video tutorials for Primavera P6 training. Additionally you can find resources for other project management softwares like Microsoft Project Professional and TILOS 8 (linear project scheduling software).

If you want to improve your knowledge in the field of project management, the is the best website for you. You can visit the job board of and search the best jobs in the industry. All the job posts are fresh and up to date.

For more you can visit the website from here

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